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On Thursday May 7, 2015 the Castries Lions joined with the Leos, other Lions and friends at a debriefing and reflective session, as we continue to mourn the loss of Lion Linda Joseph. The debriefing was conducted by Ms Francisca Plummer, psychotherapist who covered the topic "coping with the loss of a Loved one". She highlighted the myths and facts about grief and led members through healthy ways to cope with grief and loss. The session was beneficial as it allowed members to express their emotions and understand why they were feeling that way.
The president presented a pictoral presentation on the Life of Lion Linda. A small memorial was mounted and a candle lighting ceremony was held.
Lions, Leos, friends let us continue to remember her mom, two sons and daughter Lion Natasha in our prayers. May she continue to rest in perfect peace.
Castries Lions's photo. 

Castries Lions's photo.


Castries Lions's photo.
Kids-In-Sight programme expanding.
Castries Lions's photo. On Wednesday April 22, 2015 the President and Chairperson of the Youth Development Committee had a eye-screening demonstration using the I-pad. The kids-In-Sight Team this year trained six (6) community nurses and also donated the equipment to the Health Centers so that the screening can be done. When screening is conducted using the I-pads the information is fed directly into the data base at the St Lucia Blind Welfare Association and data collection is made easier. The Lions of Saint Lucia will continue to work with the Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association and the Kids-In-Sight programme
Castries Lions's photo.Castries Lions's photo.


Following a night of fun and singing the Castries lions joined with the Leos and the members of the Gros Islet club for an eye screening training workshop. The workshop was conducted by Denise Godden of the Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association (SLBWA).

The Executive Director of the Association, Mr Gregory Avril in addressing the workshop highlighted the importance of the training to Lions and Leos as this will greatly assist in the work that the SLBWA is doing in Saint Lucia. It will also serve as a platform to strengthen the Kids-In-Signt programme which is a joint project of the SLBWA and the Lions clubs of Saint Lucia.

The workshop was very informative and interactive. In addition to covering topics like eye disease, participants were quiz on the issues relating to Blindness awareness month. The concentration of the workshop was on reading the charts and conducting the screening.

Everyone present expressed that the workshop was not only enlightening but practical and relevant.
We wish to express our thanks to Mr Avril for gracing us with his presence and Denise Godden for accepting to training our Lions and Leos.
Beatrice Mac Donald's photo.Beatrice Mac Donald's photo.
Beatrice Mac Donald's photo.Beatrice Mac Donald's photo.   



Lion Linda joined lionism as a Lioness in 1986 and transitioned to Lions. She served in many positions - as President, Director, and was the Treasurer for this lionistic year.
She was a dedicated, trustworthy, hardworking and no-nonsense Lion. She was the life of the party and never missed an opportunity to have fun or to ensure that those around her joined in. Her children Trevor, Paul (Junior) and Natasha were ever present, during their growing years, at every lions activity, and we know that is what prompted Natasha to become a Lion.
She lived the lion motto “We Serve” and would always say “If it is only three persons willing to do it let’s do it”. Lion Linda will be surely missed by all who encountered her.

Today Dr Charles Stanley' sermon was focused on the question When we don't understand why? This is how he said we should respond:
1 When something happens remember you are a child of God and he is watching over you.
2 Recall what God says. Remember he has a purpose for you.
3 Acknowledge the fact that God has a purpose for you.
4 Give thanks to God. Be thankful for what he has done.

Lions as we go through this difficult time just remember that God is with us but Lion Linda has gone to meet her maker. Let us remember her children, Trevor, Paul (Junior) and Lion Natasha in our  prayers.



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