Monday, September 1, 2014


On Saturday August 30 the Castries Lions visited the Frances Memorial Home for the elderly. A small hamper of cleansing supplies as well as breakfast items was delivered to the home to assist them in the care of residents and upkeep of the home.

The Lions spent time socializing with the residents who not only reminisce on their past experiences but shared stories of life growing up in Saint Lucia as well as interesting family stories.
Since August 30 is observed as the feast of St Rose Delima, one of the two flower festivals in Saint Lucia. The feast of St. Rose de Lima is the festival of the La Rose Flower Society
The events are hosted by a number of selected communities throughout the island which include religious services, parades, a royal court, feasting and much dancing.
The Flower Societies begin what is locally referred to as seances. These seances are essentially weekly meetings held by each group. At these meetings, there is one female singer or a Chantwelle of each Society who has the task of composing Belairs (tunes which are a blend of African and French expressions) which are sung in French Creole. In these songs, the Chantwelle and members give praise to their respective societies, while they lightheartedly disparage their rivals (the other Flower Society) in song and dance. The choruses of these songs are usually sung in unison to the accompaniment of saxophones, violins, the banjo, or any [traditional] musical instrument.
After attending a religious service, members of each Flower Society parade the streets of their community dressed up in imitations of Kings and Queens, prince and princesses, doctors, nurses, policemen and soldiers.
The Lions joined in engaging the residents in song. The residents were full of praise for the visit and enjoyed most of all the interaction with members.
Following this activity member joined the La Rose celebrations and were happy to learn new songs for their next visit to the home.




Thursday August 28 the Lions of Castries joined the Gros Islet Lions at Caribbean Cinemas for their social night. The Lions joined in viewing an action filled movie sharing popcorn, hotdogs and coke. The action movie was followed by games at the Game house; where the Gros Islet President Nial Beaton ensured that he improved on his time at the motor cross, this time he ended in first place as compared to 6th place the previous event.

Our thanks to the Gros Islet Lions for allowing us to join in their social activity. Looking forward to more joint social and service activities


As the students in Saint Lucia prepare to commence a new school year the Lions and Leos of Castries join the fight against bullying. We Invite you to join the fight and take a stand against bullying.

If you or someone else is being bullied, get help, don't be a by stander.
Contact the:

  • Teacher
  • Peer counselor
  • School counselor
  • School principal
  • Parent
  • Religious leader
  • Community Relations Police Officer
  • Any member of the Lions or Leo Club of Castries

Friday, August 22, 2014



The Castries lions Club, for the past ten years have been presenting scholarships to students who have succeeded the Common Entrance Examination to a secondary school, but would have difficulty in finding the means to allow their attendance.  In 2006 the Scholarship was renamed the Roger Eudoxie Scholarship fund after the late Lion Roger Eudoxie MJF, Past District Governor.  
This year the club decided to undertake a comprehensive review of the scholarship, but realized that the need for such assistance still existed.  Today four students who had succeeded the examinations to attend four of the Secondary School were invited with their parents/guardians to receive a one-time bursary.  The presentation was made by Esther Eudoxie who encouraged the students to continue to give of their best.

The Lions as is customary shared some encouraging thoughts with the students, reminding them that though this was a one off bursary, the lions were always ready and available to assist in whatever way they needed be it just to share a concern.

Following the presentation the lions of Castries were joined by family and the President of the Gros Islet Lions Club to socialize at Caribbean Cinemas.  The comedy was an action packed one which had lions who usually were asleep at movies ever attentive.  Both before and after the movie the lions took time to socialize in the Gamehouse.

Congratulations to the recipients of the awards. 
Thanks to the Chairperson and members of the Youth Development Committee for the organization and execution of the activity.
The Chairperson of the Social committee for inviting us to socialize at the movies, the President of the Gros Islet Club for your company, and to all the Lions, friends and family who attended to make two activities the success and fun filled events they were.