Monday, April 14, 2014


The Lions and Leos of Zone 3B (Saint Lucia) hosted The District Governor, Sub–District 60B  Lion Izett Mc Calla MJF.   
 The District Governor was pleased with the work being undertaken in the various communities and urged clubs to continue to be of service to community while building partnerships with commercial and other organizations.     He invited Lions and Leos to continue to focus on their primary responsibility which was service to humanity but at the same time there should also be responsibility to each other.  He implored Lions and Leos to show that same compassion for each other, and noted that was his reason for choosing the theme “A Passion for Compassion”.
He asked that clubs constantly review their operations so that they embrace the changes that are taking place thereby enabling their club to become better and to enhance on the membership experience.  Further that clubs should find new and innovative ways of doing things.   One important point highlighted was that clubs, when inviting persons to join the organization, should include family members as part of the orientation sessions.  This would allow the family members to understand and appreciate the time and effort that Lions and Leos spend in Service.  He noted that it was also another way of finding new members.
During his visit the District Governor paid a courtesy call on the Governor General as well as visited the Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association, an organization that has had a long standing partnership with the Lions and Leos of Saint Lucia.  The District Governor also attended the Third Zone meeting which was hosted by the Soufriere Pitons Lions Club.
The District Governor presented on behalf of the International President a number of long service awards ranging from ten years to twenty-five years.  One Lion was the recipient of the President’s club excellence award for 2012-2013.


 Thanks to our island's head of state Dame Pearlette Louisy for acceding to our request at such short notice and the Administrators of the Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association.  . A hearty Lions ROAR to the Lions and Leos of Zone 3B for the warm hospitality extended to the District Governor.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


The Leo Club of Castries again shows positive growth when they inducted another enthusiastic young lady into the fold. This was done during the activities to observe their thirtieth anniversary of their charter as a club. 

 One of the activities for this observance was a Health Awareness day. The activity took the form of a discourse on nutrition and one health issue. The Nutritionist highlighted the need to plan meals so that they would include food from all the food groups and be balanced. Read food labels for nutritional content and ingredients. Watch the calorie count, and more importantly eat healthy not on emotions.



 The second aspect of the activity focused on one complication of diabetes and was presented by Lion Marcia of the Lions Club of Gros Islet. The importance of eating healthy was again reemphasized and the need to ensure that we not only control our blood sugar but blood pressure levels as neglect would leave to kidney failure. Random blood sugar testing was done.
Literature on healthy dieting, World water Day, World Tuberculosis Day and the importance of taking care of our Kidneys was circulated.

The day ended in the Lions and Leos partaking in healthy snacks which were prepared by the Leos and instead of serving juice water was the main and only drink. 


 Congratulations to our Projects Chairperson Leo Tonia on the organization of yet another successful activity. More activities to mark the anniversary will follow.

 A big welcome to Leo Georgise and congratulations to the Leo club of Castries on the attainment of a milestone.             A BIG LIONS ROAR -LEO CLUB OF CASTRIES