Saturday, February 21, 2015


The Lions and Leos of Zone 3B following the Audit of the Clubs, rolled out the Saint Lucian hospitality when they played host to the other lions and Leos of Regions 3 – Barbados, Grenada and St Vincent.
The hosting began on Thursday night with the Castries club Social activity Karaoke night where the lions from Grenada and Barbados showed off their singing prowess way into the wee hours of the morning.

Friday night saw the group taking in the popular Gros Islet night street party which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Saturday morning saw the group breaking up into two Zone meetings – Zone 3B and 3C. The meetings were very successful and productive. Zone 3B saw some positive growth when they inducted five lions and one Leo. The afternoon session was the Region meeting which recorded an unprecedented registration of one hundred and thirty (130) Lions and Leos.

In addition to the presentation of reports by the three Zone Chairmen, the meeting received a report from Lion Nicolyn Moore of District 60A, LCIF Chairperson on how to access funding form LCIF as well as an update on funding disbursed in District 60. The meeting accepted the nomination of Lion Sherwin Greenidge as the candidate for Second Vice District Governor.

Our Region meeting was blessed to have our District Governor, Lion Isaac Solomon, MJF who presented a status report of the Sub-District. Our Region Chairman Lion Maureen Graham, MJF, indicated how pleased she was with the attendance and the work that the clubs in Region 3 are doing. She encouraged clubs to continue on that path.

The highlight of the meeting with the presentation of the diamond, Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow to our very own Region Chairman, Lion Maureen Graham. We wish to express our Congratulation to her on this achievement. Also receiving awards from the Castries club were Lions Fleming James- 30 year service chevron, Marilyn Dudley 28 year service chevron, Lana La Force 15 year service chevron. The Leo Club of St Vincent south, The Leo Club of St Georges, Grenada, The Leo Club of Castries and the Lions Club of Castries and lion Sharon Secretary of the Lions club of Castries. The Region Chairman also presented tokens to her Zone Chairmen, her advisers and the members of the Region 3 Meeting planning committee.

The Saturday night saw the Lions and Leos letting off steam at an all-night Lucian style party at the picturesque Stony Hill. There was lots of eating, drinking and dancing again till the wee hours of the morning. And this was not enough to keep the Grenada Lions and Leos who prepared eats and drinks and on Sunday before departure enjoyed the lovely white sand beach at Vigie before boarding at George F.L. Charles. Lions and Leos all indicated that it was a great meeting which they thoroughly enjoyed. Hats off to the Chairman and her Team of the planning Committee.




 Our thanks to the many corporate organizations and individuals without whom it would not have been the success that it was. Our thanks also go to Bay Gardens Hotel our meeting hotel for ensuring that our guest were made comfortable.



Castries Lions Socialize with visiting Lions

 Following the audit of the clubs the Lions of Castries held their social activity on Thursday January 22. The activity was a Karaoke night at the small community bar. Since some the lions from Barbados and Grenada were already on island for the Region Meeting they were invited to join in the activty. 

 It was a night well spent with the proprietors expressing appreciation for the presence of the group as they were the highlight of the night. There was lots of singing, dancing and even roaring.

The Lions enjoyed the night which lasted well into the wee hours of Firday morning. The Lions of Region 3 bonded while enhancing their experience



District Governor - Isaac Solomon MJF audit clubs in Zone 3B

 District Governor, Isaac Solomon MJF conducted the annual audit of the clubs in Zone 3B during the period January 21 - 22 2015.

The audit commenced on Tuesday with the clubs in the south - Vieux Fort, Micoud and Soufriere Pitons. He then journeyed d to the north where he met with the clubs in the north - Castries and     Gros Islet Lions and the Leos Club of Castries.
The audit concentrated on the survey which was conducted by the clubs on the status of the club focusing on the areas of membership experience reward and recognition, club operations and service delivery. The audits were conducted in an open and frank atmosphere and the District Governor expressed his pleasure at the atmosphere during the audit. He was especially pleased with the work that the Leo Club has been doing.

The Audit was followed in both cases by a general meeting with the clubs membership.

Lions Fleming James was presented with his 30 year service chevron, Lion Marilyn Dudley 28 years and Lion Lana La Force 15 years. The District Governor also presented his pin to the Presidents and Secretaries of the three clubs. The Audit of the clubs was followed by the Second Zone meeting of Zone 3b and Region 3 meeting.



The Audit revealed a number of areas for strengthening.  The District Governor also implored clubs to continue the work that they are doing in helping the less fortunate.  He noted that efforts should be at reducing dependency and making persons self-sufficient.

The District Governor was presented with a token of appreciation by Lion Beatrice Mac Donald on behalf of the clubs