Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Lions and Leos join the fight and raise awareness of Sickle Cell


THEME : Preventing Suicide: Reaching Out and Saving Lives,

The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP), in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Federation for Mental Health, is hosting World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th, 2015.
This year’s theme is “Preventing Suicide: Reaching Out and Saving Lives,” and will focus on raising awareness that suicide is a major preventable cause of premature death on a global level. Governments need to develop policy frameworks for national suicide prevention strategies. At the local level, policy statements and research outcomes need to be translated into prevention programs and activities in communities. ..........
There is an estimated 10 to 20 suicide attempts per each completed suicide, resulting in several million suicide attempts each year. Suicide and suicidal behavior affects individuals of all ages, genders, races and religions across the planet. Suicide affects more men than women in all countries but China. Risk factors remain essentially the same from country to country. Mental illness, substance abuse, previous suicide attempts, hopelessness, access to lethal means, recent loss of loved ones, unemployment and vulnerability to self-harm are just few examples of risk factors.
Protective factors are also the same in all corners of the world. High self-esteem, social connectedness, problem-solving skills, supportive family and friends are all examples of factors that buffer against suicide and suicidal behaviors. World Suicide Prevention Day represents a call for action and involvement by all governments and organizations worldwide to contribute to the cause of suicide awareness and prevention through activities, events, conferences and campaigns in their country.
By collaborating together in this endeavor, we can indeed save lives. LIONS join the fight and know the warning signs

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Children's Dignity Week

On Sunday August 30, the commencement of Children's Dignity Week, the Lions of Castries joined the other Lions of Zone 3B and delivered a grocery hamper to an orphanage in the town of Soufriere. The Manager of was very happy to receive the gift which will assist in their daily activities in providing a hot meal for the over 20 residents. The residents were also happy for the gift.


To mark the commencement of another lionistic year (2015-20160) the Lions and Leos clubs of Zone 3B, Saint Lucia, comprising Lions club of Gros Islet, Castries, Micoud, Soufriere Piton, Vieux Fort and the Hewanorra Plains and Castries Leos; celebrated mass in the pristine community of Fond St. Jacques. The Service was held at the Fond St Jacques RC church and was officiated by his Grace Arch Bishop Rivas. Following the church Service a grocery hamper was delivered to the orphanage in Soufriere and Lions and Leos socialized at the Beacon Restaurant.
This is the first initiative of the many joint social and service activities planned by our newly installed Region Chairman Lion Monica Felix and Zone Chairman Lion Marcia St Ange for this lionistic year 2015-2016.

Lion Monica Felix of the Soufriere Piton Lions was installed as Region Chairman, Region 3 and will provide leadership to the clubs in St. Vincent, Barbados, Grenada and our lovely home Saint. Lucia. Lion Monica’s message to her clubs was simply outlined in her introductory letter:
“As we seek to “TAKE A STAND AND MAKE IT RIGHT THROUGH SERVICE”, let us focus on Lion Marvin Grant MJF District Governor’s core areas for the fiscal year 2015-2016 with diligence and pride and work towards a successful year.
I pledge my support and look forward to continue working with the Lions family in assisting in the implementation and execution of the District Governor’s goals and objectives.”
Monica Felix has been a proud lion now for 28 years. She states that being a lion has taught her to serve in the areas where a need arises and to give back to one who might be less fortunate than she is. It has given her several opportunities to build self as a leader and it has allowed her to foster different networks in the Caribbean.
She has served in various positions including President, Secretary, and Membership Chairperson at club level and at district level she has held the position of Diabetes Chairman, Zone Chairperson and now proudly serving as Region Chairperson.
Lion Monica Felix would like to urge service-minded members of the public to join the world's largest service organisation and collectively assist the less fortunate
Lion Cecila Marcia St. Ange joined the Lions movement approximately 21 years ago and has enjoyed sharing, giving and most of all serving in her community.
She has served in a number of positions in her Club -Lions Club of Gros-Islet; including First and Second Vice President, First and Second Year Director; Chairperson for Health and First Sight and The Elderly and President for two term.,
Lion Marcia noted that working with the Lions Club of Gros-Islet and partnering with the other Lions Clubs in St. Lucia, has been a very rewarding experience. She states that her attendance at the various District Governors’ Audits has enlightened her to the expectations and level of commitment required, and enabled her to grow in lionism and continue to strive for excellence in every area.
In her current role as Zone Chairman 3B she has responsibility for the leadership and management of all clubs in Saint Lucia (Zone 3B) and reports directly to the Region Chairman. In her words “Let us continue our journey together and embrace the Seven Pillars of Excellence as outlined by our District Governor in the Strategic Plan for Sub-District 60 B.” Lion Marcia’s Theme for 2015-2016 is “Commitment in Lionism, through participation and partnering”
Both Lion Monica and Marcia are registered nurses by profession.
The clubs in Zone 3B pledge support to our Region and Zone Chairmen as we strive to answer the challenge of our District Governor, Lion Marvin Grant MJF, to “TAKE A STAND AND MAKE IT RIGHT THROUGH SERVICE.”


The Board of Directors and Members of the Lions Club Wish you all the very best on your birthday and beyond as you continue to give of service to humanity

Lions : Donna 06

Nathalie 07

Cynthia 12

The birth flower for September is the Aster. Aster has around 180 species and most of them are native to Europe and Asia. Many species of Aster and their hybrids are widely used as garden plants because of their attractive and colorful presence.
Origin of Name:
The September flower, Aster, gets its name from its star-shaped head. The Greek word 'aster' means 'star' and is thus assigned to it. Aster is also called as 'Starworts'. The scientific names for some common species are listed below.
Aster alpinus - Alpine Aster
Aster Amellus - Italian Aster
Aster Linosyris - Goldilocks Aster
Symbolic Meaning:
The September birth flower Aster mainly symbolizes love and contentment. It also signifies devotion and weakness. Back in the Victorian era, the September flower would signify a message of care.
Personality Traits:
The people with Aster as the September birth flower are believed to be very focused towards leading a good life. They like to do things in a certain manner and always strive for perfection in whatever they do. They are also considered to be good listeners and hence tend to have good communication skills. Most September born people are hard-working and energetic.
Special Significance on Holidays/Events:
Aster is an ancient flower and is often worn on many significant occasions. The September birth flower is often handed to teachers on Teacher's Day. It is also worn to commemorate other events like Grandfather's day (1st Sunday of September), Labor day (first Monday of September) and Patriot's Day (9/11).
Interesting facts:
- The Hungarian revolution (1918) is known as the 'Aster Revolution' as the protesters wore the Aster flower.
- It was believed in olden days, that burning Aster leaves could drive away evil snakes.